Empowering Inclusion: The Role of Disability Representation in Advertising.      

In today’s modern world, advertising has become an all-pervading part of our lives. Whether we are browsing the internet (there are Google ads), simply strolling down the street (we meet electronic billboards and signposts and even get to see people sharing bulletins), or watching television, we are constantly exposed to different types of advertisements. Indisputably, these advertisements have a deep impact on our perceptions, choices, and […]

Questions that need answers; is begging an option?

When you live in Lagos, you should be used to the high number of beggars on the streets with a large percentage being People with disability (PWD), the question here is – Should begging be the only way a disabled person can survive, or is begging an option? A few years ago, I heard the […]

Nigerians with Disabilities; COVID 19: Realities and Lessons

One thing you will first notice about 16 years old Samuel is his beautiful smile, white set of teeth, and twinkling eyes before you notice that – he is blind and cannot see you. According to the World Health Organization’s 2011 World Disability Report, about 15 percent of Nigeria’s population, or at least 25 million […]